How do I hit my drives longer?


Q: How can I get longer drives?

A: This is obviously the most requested feat in golf. My club head speed is 94 mph and I'm wondering if I can somehow get that higher. I average about 250-260 yards and keep the ball in play but I would like the distance to intimidate the competition. Any good advice? Hitting the ball farther with a driver is a result of several factors; launch angle, spin rate, club head speed and ball speed. The correct launch angle is a result of club head loft and the correct degree of upward swing you have a impact. The correct spin rate is a relationship with club head speed. The less club head speed you have the more spin you need to keep the ball in the air. The higher your club head speed the less spin you need, other wise the ball rises upward on too steep of an angle. Club head speed can be increased by simply swinging more from the inside/out with a closing club face. A closing club face is the liveliest club head you can have versus an opening club face that is the least lively club head there is. Finally ball speed is a function of how effective you are is hitting the optimum spot on the club face. To learn more on how to maximize all these factors, you need to be checked out on a launch monitor by a knowledgeable professional in your area.