Analyzing the golf swings of Super Bowl quarterbacks Tom Brady and Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan, Tom Brady
PGA Professional takes a look at the golf swings of quarterbacks Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.
By T.J. Auclair
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Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Friday, January 05, 2018 | 4:46 p.m.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, along with Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons make their return to the NFL playoffs this weekend.

You may not have known this, but both quarterbacks are pretty darned good at golf too.

We tracked down our resident expert, PGA Professional Rob Labritz, to break down the golf swings of each of the NFL's best gunslingers.

For his part, Brady -- a five-time Super Bowl champion -- carries an 8 handicap. That's solid.

His counterpart Ryan, however, is an exceptional golfer with an enviable handicap of +1.2.

Here's a look at Brady's swing:



Labritz's analysis: "Tom's driver swing... It looks to me like he doesn't make a full move with his body all the way through the ball. It's almost a 3/4 move through the ball with his body. His body is secondary in the golf swing. He uses his hands and arms a lot, which is probably natural for a guy who plays his position. You're at the mercy of the clubface when you do that. If you're too quick, you're going to pull it. Not quick enough? You're leaving it out to the right. You're depending too much on timing. I'd like to see a fuller move to the ball and a full finish for Brady to get to scratch. His arms and hands do most of the driving. As a QB he might be sore sometimes and that could inhibit range of motion in the golf swing."

Here's a look at Ryan's golf swing:



Labritz's analysis: "Matt Ryan's got a pretty good move. He's a little handsy at the ball and creates a lot of speed there. That's probably where he gets his power. If his timing is off, he might hit it a little awry. I'd like to see him use his hands a little less. He creates a lot of speed there. The body looks great, but less hand action would serve him well because that closes the clubface down. Like Brady, that probably feels natural to Ryan being a quarterback. Overall though, he's got a nice, athletic swing. Have him call me for anything he needs!"

The verdict: "Ryan definitely has a better move through the ball and that's likely why he's a better player."


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