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Golf Tips: Try This Drill to Cure Your Slice

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The slice is enemy No. 1 for a lot of golfers. And it's easy to see why.
A slice curves away from the target pretty quickly and zaps distance, making tee shots and approach shots less likely to find the fairway and green. The result? Higher scores.
Slicing the ball is a common fault because it's a combination of a lot of common miscues but none more prevalent than an over-the-top backswing and open clubface at impact. Those two combined make it easy for the ball to spin left to right (for righties, opposite for lefties), and away from the target.
The good part about a slice though, is just like any swing fault, it can be fixed with the right prescription. We asked Jimmy Wisinski, the PGA of America Director of Instruction at Kent Country Club in Michigan, to share a drill on how the combat the dreaded slice.
Jimmy delivered with a great alignment-stick drill that you can do the next time you hit the range: