How to Increase Swing Speed: Five Exercises for More Power

By Vinnie Manginelli, PGA
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Jaacob Bowden is a top PGA of America Golf Professional who’s played tour events worldwide, achieved coaching accomplishments, and built several successful golf companies. He’s a long-drive champion, a record-setting speed golfer, and a fitness-minded golf instructor.
Bowden, a 2023 Golf Fitness Association of America (GFAA) Off-Course Award winner, shares his insights on swing speed training to increase club speed and gain longer golf shots.

One way to get more distance is through swing speed training. I’ll usually do three sets of two repetitions with each exercise below, going both directions for body balance, starting on the lighter end and safely adding resistance with each set.
After each workout, take anywhere from 2-7 days off and repeat the workout, adding a little resistance each time. Over time, you'll build golf swing-specific strength, which is a key component to becoming more powerful from tee to green. Combine that with 30 sets of one rep of practicing swinging fast and your speed gains can grow.
Here are five exercises that you can do twice per week with the help of a cable machine to build a more powerful golf swing:

Wood Chops
Wood chops are perhaps my favorite golf swing strength-building exercise. Go toward the top of your backswing, and pull the cable down with two hands toward your impact position.
Duration: Three sets of two reps.

Decline Chest Flys to Triceps Extensions
For the chest, triceps, and “throwing” part of the downswing, do the same thing with your trail hand and arm.
Duration: Three sets of two reps.

Cross-Body Lat Pull Downs
Switch to the lead hand and arm to strengthen your back and “pulling” part of the downswing. 
Duration: Three sets of two reps.

Lat Raises
To further work your back as well as your shoulders, position the cable system down low, go to a setup position, and pull the cable up towards the top of your backswing. Then for your lead side, go to an impact position and pull the cable up to the finish.
Duration: Three sets of two reps.

Incline Chest Flys
Lastly, go down to your impact position and pull the cable up toward your finish using your trail hand and arm.
Duration: Three sets of two reps.

These five particular exercises not only give you a great upper body and core workout, but you’ll also be doing it in a way that over time helps you hit the ball farther and also lowers your scoring potential!
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