Add These Two Moves to Your Next Workout to Gain More Distance

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The month of January is an excellent time to freshen up your fitness routine, especially if you're looking to improve on the course this year.
While it may be easy to lean into exercises you know and find easy, part of getting stronger and generating more speed is adding in new moves to trick your body. If you can keep your muscles guessing, and incorporate some confusion, that will lead to more growth and, in turn, power up your swing.
In the photos below, PGA of America Golf Professionals Charlene Bendt and Abby Parsons showcase a core exercise and rotational lower-body move that are easy to add into any fitness routine. Try them both the next time you head into the gym!
Stability Ball Mountain Climbers
These help warm up your core and your spine. Activating your spine first is important because it’s your engine. Stabilize your hands by pointing them outward, set up in a plank position, and march your knees towards your chest one by one. You will feel it especially in your core. 10-12 reps per leg, 20-24 per round. Do three rounds.
Lunge with Lifts
Stabilize your lower body while turning your upper body. 
Begin with your right foot forward in the same lunge position from the exercise above.  Bring both hands inside of the right leg, as if you were holding an imaginary beach ball.  Keeping the depth in the lunge, twist your torso and lift the beach ball up over your right shoulder. 
Perform 8 repetitions.  Change sides and repeat with your left leg forward, turning and lifting to your left. Do three rounds.