HLN's Robin Meade takes up golf

Get Golf Ready with Robin Meade
HLN's Robin Meade has taken part in a Get Golf Ready program with top PGA instructor Suzy Whaley.

Series: Get Golf Ready

Published: Monday, October 15, 2012 | 11:00 a.m.

Robin Meade is known for many things: Wife, singer, former Miss Ohio and perhaps most well-known as the host of "Morning Express with Robin Meade" on HLN. Well now, Robin Meade wants to add one more title to her resume: Golfer!

Follow along with Robin as she goes from absolute novice to a golfer who will play alongside some of golf's biggest names in just a few easy (and affordable) lessons using the PGA's "Get Golf Ready" model. Robin and a lucky viewer went through the program taught by noted golf instructor Suzy Whaley - as they not only learned how to play, but discuss the personal and professional benefits of being out on the course.

Watch Robin Get Golf Ready:
Episode one: Introduction to golf and putting
Episode two: Stretching, a good grip and wedge shots
Episode three: Pitching and Chipping around the green
Episode four: Hitting the tee shot
Episode five: Taking it to the course

Also, watch Robin discussing her golf life each day on "Morning Express with Robin Meade."
Monday - It's easy to get started
Tuesday - Tips for going to the range
Wednesday - Dispelling some myths about women and golf
Thursday - First time on the course & handicaps