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A Step-by-Step Guide to Escaping Greenside Bunkers

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Shots are saved and handicaps are lowered with a strong short game.
A downhill lie can create an extra challenge when you find yourself in a greenside bunker with trouble long. PGA Coach Jackie Riegle, Director of Player Development at Monarch Beach Golf Links, has a step-by-step guide to escape greenside bunkers next time your on the course.
  1. Place the ball in the front of your stance to give yourself an area behind the ball to catch enough sand to make sure you get no golf ball. The key is all sand, no golf ball.
  2. Aim left to give yourself space to hit through the ball. The goal is to get it onto the fringe and let it roll to the hole.
  3. Widen your stance, sit in a squat and shift your weight forward without rolling your shoulders back.
  4. Cup your lead wrist to create more of a bounce and a more lofted clubface.
  5. Make sure you swing out & down and make sure your lower body stays stable.
Check out Reigle execute the shot to perfection in the video above & be sure to visit PGA.com/Coach to find a PGA Professional to help you with your game.
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Jackie K. Riegle


Director of Player Development & Marketing

Dana Point, CA

I have had the privilege of playing golf for over 28 years at junior, collegiate & professional levels. I served as Captain of the Varsity team at San Diego State years '07-'09 & played professionally on the Symetra-Road to the LPGA, Cactus, and Canadian Women's Tours years '10-'13. I was awarded as the Southern California PGA Women's Apprentice Player of the Year, 2015, the Metro Chapter Southern California PGA Assistant Golf Professional of the Year, 2019, and the Southern California PGA Player Development winner, 2020. I truly believe golf is for everyone and learning the correct fundamentals will set you up for lifelong success. I am available for coaching Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 8:30 am until 1:00 pm. I coach 45-minute or 30-minute sessions - 1:1 or group. The first two available sessions of the day will be coached on the golf course & the remaining sessions will be coached utilizing the practice area and hitting nets.
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