A Week in Orlando: 5 of the Best Products from the 2022 PGA Show

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

The 2022 PGA Show will be remembered for many things, but the undeniable theme was people are excited to be back! With a year away, the extra time drove innovation. The number of new ideas and updates we witnessed were impressive. The ideas popped up in all sorts of ways. From technology to making better connections with your customer, all the items I described this week are worthy of a greatest hits compilation.
But those stories have already been told. To close our coverage of the showroom floor here’s a fast five products you need to find for 2022.
A 3D motion analysis studio in the palm of your hand. The future has arrived coaches. The designers at Sportsbox AI have developed technology that allows you to capture 3D motion with a simple smartphone camera. With one video you’ll get six different avatar views and a myriad of measurements. “It’s like Trackman for your body” one PGA Coach was quoted saying. There’s no sensors or items to wear, just take a video and the app does the rest. If you’re a coach looking to communicate better with your students this season, go see Sportsbox!
Designed, developed, and produced right in Philadelphia the minds behind this new putter company have placed driver weighted technology in a flatstick. With a physics first mindset these putters are built using an airplane grade aluminum alloy. The radial cusp technology in the face really rolls the ball nicely. They are face-balanced and with 3 different weight channels, 3 types of weights, and the capability to put 3 weights in each of the channels there’s an endless number of combinations you can create to make a custom weighted putter.
For years fitness rooms have been added to clubhouse facilities. The most popular capital addition of the last decade was a wonderful benefit promoting wellness and training. There was only one problem, nobody went because you didn’t want to do it alone. All clubs are social communities before anything else. With an innovative business model, F45 has solved the empty fitness area issue. In well over 3,000 locations, they attract action by building out group classes. People love to train with others, and with their help you can quickly create a fitness culture at your club. All ages, and different schedules can now find a time to workout with others as they chase a little more stability and power in their game.
There are more players on course than ever before, and safety has become much more of a priority. Dangerous weather can really cause an issue at your facility. Not just liability, but in reputation as well. In steps an industry leading brand like Earth Networks. Their lightning detection system isn’t based upon predicting dangerous weather, they detect it. With an online system, power outages aren’t a problem. The difference in 2022 is their sales strategy.
Many clubs may not be able to afford a $25,000 dollar capital expense. They now offer
partnerships where you pay a support fee, and the hardware is included. Looks like
player safety just got a lot more affordable.
For many companies, time during the pandemic pause gave them an opportunity to evaluate and then innovate. Golfers have grown up on Golden Tee arcade machines for decades. As golfers continue to make home improvements such as backyard putting greens and simulators, the designers at Golden Tee were paying attention. The modern design of the classic game now allows for buying a home edition. Unlike years prior, now you can purchase just the famous roller ball and set it in front of your television! What a great way to host friends and play golf. In many ways, they thought of everything. How about competing in an online tournament at TPC Sawgrass the week of the PLAYERS Championship? Grandstands and all, and your login keeps every stat imaginable. You’ll never be bummed by bad weather again.
The popularity and interest in golf is driving innovation beyond all our imaginations. There’s no doubt the future of this game is on a tremendous trajectory. The biggest gathering of business professionals and players in our ecosystem just witnessed a wild week. Thank you for reading our stories and thanks even more to those in the industry who gave us the inspiration to write them.