Game Changers

Fairway Tales: CEO of PGD Global Nisha Sadekar Empowering Golfers Far and Wide

By Carly Grenfell, PGA of America
Published on

Golf was a somewhat foreign sport for Nisha Sadekar as a kid. She recalls her mom, a sports fanatic, watching golf on television. And it was her dad who encouraged her and her sister, Seema Sadekar, to give the game a try. Before long, Nisha Sadekar realized that, contrary to her own belief, golf wasn’t only for “old people.”
Although her experiences as an Indian woman weren’t always easy or glamorous, Nisha Sadekar still forged an impactful path in the golf industry. Attending IMG Academy as a teenager and later playing golf at the University of Missouri, she began to grasp her true identity. 
It wasn’t until a conversation with her dad that really caused her to look at herself in the mirror and ask what her true identity, and purpose, in golf was. After playing on the LPGA Futures and Canadian Tour for four years, it was time to figure out what was next.
That’s when PGD Global was born. Today Nisha and Seema Sadekar’s company is changing the way the game is seen, heard and played by activating event platforms for people, brands and organizations. She has produced events for the likes of former NBA player Jalen Rose, Julius Erving and the Los Angeles clippers, and is inviting more women into the game through PGD Global’s Project Fairway and Bigger than Golf programs.
It’s safe to say Nisha Sadekar found her calling—and golf is better because of it.