Game Changers

World Long Drive’s Alexis Belton Locked in on Building a Better Future for Golf

By Carly Grenfell, PGA of America
Published on

Even though taking up golf started out as a bribe, Alexis Belton’s fiercely competitive side kept her committed to the game. She quickly learned that golf is a sport you can make uniquely your own; it’s a sport where ”everyone paints the canvas of the golf course a different way.”
Alexis Belton is doing just that today as both a Symetra Tour player, seeking her shot on the LPGA Tour, and participating in World Long Drive. As she talks about in this episode of Fairway Tales, she wouldn’t be on the Symetra Tour if it weren’t for World Long Drive. When trying to figure out a way to make her money back from qualifying school, she stumbled across the World Long Drive competition.
Without any clue of how she’d perform on the World Long Drive stage, or what to even expect going this route, she found success. In more ways than one, it has prepared her for the grind required of Symetra Tour players and given her extra financial freedom along the way.
Beyond her power hitting and love of the game, Alexis Belton has dreams that are even bigger: making golf a more accessible game for people who look like her. For those who can’t afford the game, how can she help change that? For those stories in women’s golf we aren’t hearing about, how can she help tell those stories?
As her platform grows, so will her impact.