From the Eyes of a Golf Expert, Three Items You Need This Season

By Ryan Adams, PGA
Published on

What if there was a place where all the new golf products — ranging from state-of-the-art to off-the-wall — were located in one place? And, you could spend an afternoon trying them all?
That’s Demo & Fitting Day at the PGA Show, which took place on Tuesday, January 24th at Orange County National just west of Orlando. It’s the annual precursor to the actual PGA Show, and allows for some real-life demonstrations, testing and, well, a lot of fun if you like golf!
Below are a few items that stood out to a PGA Professional’s eye that you may want to look into before the season starts:
Bushnell’s Wingman View & Wingman Mini
Working off the original Wingman bluetooth speaker, these new models from Bushnell are perfect for the golf cart with their magnetic mounting technology, or the golf bag. The Wingman View has an LCD screen built-in that provides distance and music details, as well as a removable remote you can use to get yardage numbers, adjust the volume and play custom soundbites or first tee introductions. The Wingman Mini is much smaller but still packs a punch. Its carabiner clip makes the speaker easy to clip to your golf bag, perfect for those quick nine walks. Both models have a 10-hour battery life, waterproof and have outstanding sound quality, too. The product is being unveiled this week so keep an eye out for it in the coming weeks.
Pur Golf’s Pure Putting System
At Demo & Fitting Day, new golf equipment is everywhere you look, but the Orange County National putting green also had a unique training device called the Pur Putting System from Pur Golf. Called the “Swiss Army Knife of Putting Trainers” by the company, it’s quite a set-up but not intimidating at all — it actually can be put together in 90 seconds. The Putting System focuses on accommodating any type of stroke and providing immediate feedback with a string and gate system. Putts can be rolled through the gate to maximize accuracy, while the string helps with alignment — both providing immediat feedback. Plus, the Putting System can be be used anywhere!
U.S. Kids Golf’s Golf Clubs
Never has it been easier to get a kid dialed into the right set of equipment, and it may be just one club, too. U.S. Kids Golf uses an easy height-measuring system that color coordinates a set of clubs to the junior. Skill level is also added-in, so some children might be a better fit based on their play in addition to height. U.S Kids also has a club tailored to infants as well as youngster just starting out calle2d the Yard Club, which is exactly what you think it is. The company makes it seamless to go from set to set, too, providing options from the Yard Club to Ultralite (beginner), Tour Series (intermediate/advanced) and the new epTOUR elite player series. There’s also an Ultralite for Women set catered to those who may need a lighter shaft for more swing speed and distance.