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Influencers Share How PGA Inspired Their Love of Golf

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Jake Hutt, PGA, during PGA Show Demo Day.

The 2024 PGA Show is in the books . . . and it was one for the books, too.
A busy Demo Day, a bustling PGA Show floor at the Orange County Convention Center, and a chance to celebrate the game that people love so much.
That last part had a big presence at this year's PGA Show, with the PGA of America's We Love this Game brand campaign coming to life through a variety of activations, informative sessions, and social content.
Below is a recap of the week that was at the PGA Show, and some fun social posts from golf influencers about how much they love the game that appeared during the week.
Golf Influencers at the PGA Show
Blair Wheeler
Jake Hutt, PGA
Alexandra O' Laughlin
Group Golf Therapy