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PGA Coach Has a Drill for Golfers to Emulate Tommy Fleetwood

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Tommy Fleetwood enters every championship as a contender and he's in the hunt at the 2020 PGA Championship after an impressive second-round performance.
Fleetwood had seven birdies in the second round en route to a 6-under 64 and put his ball-striking on display by hitting 12-of-14 fairways when the field is hitting just 51.7 percent this week.
We caught up with PGA Coach and 2019 Women's PGA Professional Player of the Year Joanna Coe before the start of the championship to find out what amateur golfers could take away from Fleetwood's game.
Coe came through with some great coaching & a drill golfers can work on. Be sure to check it out below and give Coe a follow on Instagram for more great instruction.
Tommy Fleetwood can hit all the shots - booming drives, high drawing irons, flighted wedges. This is why Tommy often finds himself in the top 3 for strokes gained tee-to-green category. Golf coaches and fans watch in awe of his control, tempo and creativity. A key to Tommy’s ball striking is the “windmill” drill. Essentially, he hits less than full golf shots keeping his arms extended in the follow through. Some would refer to this as a “punch” shot.  The key to this drill is the body’s rotation. This keeps the hands and wrists passive which stabilizes the clubface.  The average player would certainly benefit from the drill, especially those who lack rotation and struggle with a “chicken wing” finish. A stable clubface is key for consistent ball striking, especially under pressure in a major championship. — PGA Coach Joanna Coe