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Shift Your Weight to Make Solid Impact When the Golf Ball is Below Your Feet

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If you're struggling with making solid impact when the golf ball is below your feet, PGA Coach Cathy Kim is here to help.
Kim, an amazing instructor at 1757 Golf Club and regular contributor on our social media platforms, says one simple shift can make all the difference. Put her three steps into action the next time the ball is below your feet.
  1. Shift your weight towards your toes.
  2. Sit down in more of a squatted position.
  3. Stay in the position through contact and be sure not to pop up.
If you position yourself with the slope and stay balanced, you're going to improve your position at impact and make more solid contact.

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Cathy Kim

Baltimore, MD

Cathy Kim


PGA/LPGA instructor based out of Baltimore, MD I offer in-person and zoom individual lessons, group classes and club fittings.

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