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Navigate Your Way Out of a Divot

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Despite our best effort and execution, sometimes the ball just doesn't roll our way.
As is the case with professionals and amateurs alike, even the best-struck shots can land in a divot.
And even though you must play the ball as it lies, we strongly encourage you to help to fix and replace your divots to keep the conditions as true as possible for your fellow golfers.
If you do find yourself in a divot, PGA Coach Joanna Coe is here to help you navigate your way out and prevent a big number on your scorecard.
A ball at the back of the divot is the most difficult, so move the ball back in your stance to create a steeper angle of attack. You want to feel like you're hitting a punch shot with an abbreviated follow-through, so the ball will come out low without a lot of spin. Be sure to pick the right landing spot so you can get the proper rollout to reach the green.
Check out the full video from Coe at the top of the page and be sure to look for a coach in your area at PGA.com/Coach to start improving your game today.