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Social Media Reacts to Michael Block Story

By Ryan Adams, PGA
Published on

If there’s one person in the world right now who’s having a better timer than Michael Block, they’d be hard-pressed to find.
The PGA Head Professional at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo, California, is an absolute sensation at the moment, capturing the hearts of sports fans across the world after his incredible performance at the 2023 PGA Championship last week.
Block’s iconic final-round ace, his up-and-down to punch a ticket to next year’s PGA, and general lovable demeanor broadcasted for four straight days had people inspired to say the least.
Check out some of the comments from across the @PGA social media channels:
All the pros should take a chip off the old Block. I have never cared about golf until now.
— Florida Crazy on TikTok
Amazing. I have never watched golf until him!!
— Bari:Bari:Blessed on TikTok
From a PGA member, thank you for the inspiration! You the man! Play well this week! ⛳️👊🏽
— Bobby Saavedra Golf on TIkTok
I became a golf fan and looking for a Michael Block jersey. Do they do that in golf?
— SJ on TikTok
Never watched a Tour until this weekend in an effort to see my son in the crowd. This guy grabbed my attention !! 
— Amber King2827 on TikTok
The People's Champion, Michael Block 
— Ronrockness on TikTok
the real golf professional genuine and humble 
— Jason Thorpe on TikTok
You made my hubby cry, gave him hope his career isn’t over. Thank you 
— Midlife_mom on TikTok
Do you even know how many MILLIONS of Average People that are Backing YOU after watching you Represent the average Joe?
— Silarschu on TikTok
Yep, I'm a blockhead. A lovely story that every golfer can relate to. The support reflects the sportsmanship of the game
— mspiggy888 on TikTok
Can't get enough of this guy and story!
— Dominic Ruscio on TikTok
you deserve man! made me a massive golf fan over the weekend 🙌
— Wayne Pellow on TikTok
He is needed in the pga! What a beautiful story and it couldn’t of happened to a better person🤘🏼⛳️congrats mike!
— Michael Warfield418 on TikTok
im not a golf pro and im backing him. more than 28k. living my dream
— kevinryant826 on TikTok
Epic Cinderella story! tears in my eyes I guess!
— joelFarker96 on TikTok
Michael Blocks beautiful demeanor shines through in every interaction, and it's truly a gift that he has effortlessly touching the hearts of everyone around. His ability to connect with people and make them feel seen and valued is something truly special.
— Sandy Spencer on Twitter
Watching this years PGA was like a Tonic, I got my clubs out, I hit a few balls, what more could a golf fan ask for !
— vincent clayton on Twitter
His whole day, tournament really, is perhaps the greatest human interest story I’ve ever seen in golf. And that’s saying something. How cool was that?
— Neil Tyra on Twitter
The Masters need to invite the low Club Pro to make the cut at the PGA Championship to Augusta National in April. They can call it the "Michael Block exemption.” 
— ernieharrell on Instagram
Fellow PGA Member here and it was amazing to watch! What a great ambassador you are. Have me goosebumps. I went out and played with my kids today and told them if so was going to be the female version of you I better start playing more 😂
— karitomashgolf on Instagram

28,000 of us are living through you!!
— timjpga on Instagram

You made golf popular all over again my fellow PGA PRO
— chriszelenkazman on Instagram

Michael Block for president 2024
— danny_arbelaez on Instagram

So glad this dream could come true for someone who's dedicated his life to this sport. Michael B you're truly an inspiration to those who want to live out a dream, even for one day out of a lifetime
— zestlife365 on Instagram