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Three Tips to Hit Wedge Shots Close Like Justin Thomas

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Picture the scenario: You just smashed a drive and have a short yardage in for your next shot. It's time to grab a wedge.
But how exactly do you approach these delicate shots? First off, it's important to not put pressure on yourself and feel like you need to get the ball within three inches of the hole. That'll only make the shot more tense and tension is the No. 1 killer of a tempo . . . which will be critical for a wedge shot.
A good player to follow when it comes to silky wedge tempo is two-time PGA Champion Justin Thomas, who hits his wedges about as good as anyone on tour. There's no rush to Thomas' swing when he's got a short yardage left; instead, the focus is more on a smooth rhythm and making flush contact.
In the clip below, Bridget Ackley, the PGA of America Junior Golf Lead at The Park West Palm in West Palm Beach, Florida, shares three keys to follow the next time you face a short wedge shot. Hopefully Bridget's tips help you go flag hunting like Justin Thomas!

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