Unlocking Junior Golf: How DiscoverGolf is Changing the Game

By Keith Stewart, PGA
Published on

The most successful golf facilities are fueled by junior golf programs. Within those golf
communities, we find a couple very simple themes always exist.
  • Passionate coaching
  • Engaged children
  • Management support
If you are looking for a game changing solution to take your junior golf program to the next level in 2022 then make sure you keep reading. It’s amazing all the different ideas you can discover when you walk around the PGA Merchandise Show. Coincidentally, when we were looking for inventive junior golf solutions for facilities, DiscoverGolf really caught our attention.
Richard Franklin is passionate about getting kids involved in the game. His approach is unlike any other and the company’s two most important principles check off all the bullet points above. He connects with kids like no other coach in the space due to his research and education in behavioral psychology. Alongside industry leading engagement, he delivers support and scale to his partners.
DiscoverGolf is truly a turnkey junior community builder, but before we get to the logistics think about kids learning the game base upon their everyday lives. The lifeblood of Franklin’s philosophy calls upon genuine curiosity and competition through games. Patience, strategy, pressure, and focus can all be incorporated in teaching children the basic skills of golf.
With real rewards kids want, their attention is always on the coach. The behavioral background plays a huge part in making this program successful. Engaging kids in 2022 is a very difficult challenge. You truly won’t believe your eyes, or better yet, your child’s feedback after taking one of DiscoverGolf’s classes. It’s like going to a birthday party at TopGolf every day!
Two of the three traits you need to succeed involve the coaches and supervisors. Facilities are stretched thin in 2022, so even if your intentions are there, getting all of this done feels impossible. Here’s were Franklin’s industry knowledge really helps. His product is truly turnkey. He doesn’t just supply the gaming products, but the passionate coaches as well.
No longer will facilities have to hold back based upon labor constraints. DiscoverGolf is starting a revolution in growing the game. Their success will make your bottom line blow up at the facility. Watch this video with PGA Member Gavin Parker. Listen to Richard explain the simple things he can help you accomplish. Then take the next step and contact him. Once you start, you won’t believe the scale and goodwill you can generate.