Finding a target

Chris Coffee

Q: I have tried to get into a routine where I stand behind the ball, locate a target, visualize the ball flight towards the target, setup and swing. The problem is, when I address the ball, I can never get my ball to go straight towards the target. The ball flight is straight, but it is either left or right of target line. What is the best, and most accurate, way to align your body with your ball and target?

A: Aiming on line is not as easy as many people think. Probably the best way on the course is to pick an intermediate target, about 3ft in front of your ball on the target line which is how the great Jack Nicklaus did it. It is easier to aim at something a few feet away, than 200yrds away. I would also suggest when you practice that you always put a club on the ground, parallel to your target line to get your aim correct.