Pulling the ball

Brian Anderson

Q: Hi. I have a lot of problems with pulling the ball. It happens with the driver and the irons. The ball flight is straight or sometimes a hook. It is worse when hitting off a tee. I must be coming from outside. Is there something I can concentrate on or a drill that will help me stop doing this?


A: Most likely what you are doing is starting your downswing with your shoulders instead of firing your hands and arms towards the ball. Jack Nicklaus had a great swing thought or key which was "try to keep your back towards the target as long as you can in the downswing". This thought allowed his hands and arms to get down before the rotation of the body had a chance to move the clubshaft out. A drill that you can try is to place a tee in the ground and then place another one out in front of the tee about 3 inches and to the right. Then make a swing and try to hit both tees. This will be a slight exageration making you swing more in to out and should help to stop your pulls. Hope this helps and best of luck to you.