Awesome stop-action video of PGA Tour player Graham DeLaet made entirely out of Legos

Graham DeLaet made out of Legos
Jared Jacobs via Instagram
"Lego Graham DeLaet" tips his crowd after making birdie in a hilarious stop-action video.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Thursday, May 05, 2016 | 7:49 p.m.
There was a lot of golf on TV today. None of it was as amazing as what I saw on Instagram.
As you can see below, a guy by the name of Jared Jacobs has created a stop-action video of PGA Tour player Graham DeLaet – and it's made entirely out of Legos.
It only lasts a few seconds, but I can't stop watching it. "Lego Graham" tees off and then he and his Lego caddie march down the Lego fairway. His tee shot avoids the Lego creek, so he knocks his second shot up onto the Lego green. From there, he taps in for a Lego birdie.
I love everything about this, from DeLaet's trademark bushy beard to his awesome one-handed swing to the way his approach shot bounces off the backstop behind the green and settles down back by the hole. Heck, there's even colorful Lego flowers behind the Lego teebox.
And as one of the commenters on his Instagram page noted, the pace of play is quite good, too.
I don't know anything about Jacobs, but I am presuming he's Canadian by the hockey helmet he's wearing in his photo and his clear love for DeLaet, the leading Canadian on the PGA Tour. Regardless of his nationality, though, this little video will make you smile.
Golf clap for you, Jared Jacobs.

Now I can check golfing with #GrahamDeLaet off the ol' bucket list.

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