Dubuisson: Two shots for the history books

Victor Dubuisson
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Victor Dubuisson made "miracle" shots on back-to-back holes in Sunday's championship match.
By Mark Aumann

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Sunday, February 23, 2014 | 8:15 p.m.

For three holes -- or approximately 30 minutes -- on Sunday, Victor Dubuisson played a stretch of golf that defied both explanation and description.

Facing elimination, Dubuisson escaped with three consecutive up-and-down saves from the most impossible lies imaginable. The first, at No. 18 on the final hole of regulation, was the most "normal," if digging out from a deep bunker for a critical sand save with the tournament championship on the line could be considered routine.

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But then it got weird, in an amazingly good way. On the 19th hole, Dubuisson's approach flew the No. 1 green on one bounce, landing under a cactus. Instead of describing what happened next, here's the video from the CBS telecast:



By the way, Dubuisson calmly stepped up and made the four-footer.

Once in a lifetime shot, right? Well, not if you're Victor Dubuisson. Because on the very next hole, Dubuisson missed the No. 9 green to the left, landing in almost the same spot where he had to concede the hole in regulation earlier in the afternoon. This time, the ball wound up under some dead branches right next to the grandstands. Problem? Well, this is another situation where you've got to see it to believe it:



Again, Dubuisson -- showing no change of expression on his face -- found nothing but the bottom of the cup from seven feet to keep the match going. Even Jason Day had to shake his head and smile. What else could he do?

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"Buisson" means "bush" in English. So Victor's Twitter feed is @Vdubush. Seriously. Now where can I buy a cactus wedge?