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Count The Steps to Your Target to Hit More Precise Short-Game Shots

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An infinite amount of articles have been written covering the short game in golf. With just a quick one-minute clip, KPMG PGA Championship leader Lizette Salas exemplified how to truly play a shot around the green.
It is imperative we choose a specific landing spot for our chips, pitches and bunker shots. The hole may be our goal, but we don’t land the ball in it. Watch Lizette pace off the distance to her landing spot. She knows in order to hit the ball close, her ball needs to strike the ground there.
Great short game players always know the carry distance to their target.
Going forward, start consciously calculating the exact distance to your landing area and not the hole.
Believe it or not, this little piece of information will give you tremendous confidence in your short game. Take this routine and make it a part of your practice. Walk off specific distances and then play from those spots. Get used to your yardages. This will allow you to gain a better feel when you’re on the course.
Improve your accuracy around the green by calculating your yardage even when it seems small. Specific targets lead to successful results and a short game your competitors will envy.