Kicking a Soccer Ball Can Teach You How to Hit a Draw on the Golf Course

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There are so many similarities between the golf swing and other movements in sports.
PGA Coach Joanna Coe has shown us how throwing a football translates to an improved golf swing and now she’s taking her game to the pitch — or the fairway of No. 4 on the West Course at PGA Frisco — to teach us more.
Curving a soccer ball is a lot like hitting a draw in golf. When you curve a soccer ball, your leg comes inside and moves up and to the right.
Just like golf, you have to swing from in to out to make the ball draw.
So many amateurs deal with a daunting slice and end up spending more time in the trees than the fairway. A quick fix is to shape the ball a different way.
Check out the demonstration from Coe & be sure to check out more Tips from Frisco below.