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Gratitude in Golf: What Part of the Game Are You Most Thankful For?

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We're beyond thankful for our social media community and all the stories they share with us week in and week out.
Considering the holiday season, we wanted to know what golfers were most thankful for this season. And to no surprise, the comments & replies were full of gratitude.
Check out some of our favorites below & feel free to jump into the post and share what part of your game you are most thankful for.

What part of your golf game are you most thankful for?

Posted by on Thursday, November 26, 2020
Michael Haas on Facebook said...
"I'm thankful that I can work through my issues with Parkinson's and continue to golf."
Juliana McDonald on Facebook said...
"Golf buddies who love me and my golf game, for better or worse...just the way we are."
Dale Worden on Facebook said...
"My knowledge that there will always be ups and downs and like many other disciplines, you NEVER stop learning."
Derek Hoden on Facebook said...
"Getting to play with my dad and my son together."
@ChrisCW73 on Twitter said...
"I really just enjoy the learning process."
@AaronKatzenber1 on Twitter said...
"Definitely the short game. But most importantly... the camaraderie with friends!"
@ESPN_SwingCoach on Twitter said...
"Thankful to play and help others play the great game of golf!"
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