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Four Exercises to Strengthen Your Core For Your Golf Swing

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Editor's Note: This fall we're taking a look at the fitness, wellness and nutrition behind helping you improve your golf game. From quick exercises to increase your core to tips on how to better fuel your body before your next competitive round, we'll be releasing a series of articles and videos from PGA Coaches around the country to help you with your game.

The best way to make sure you're staying safe in your golf swing is to have a strong core to protect that spine.
PGA Coach Thor Parrish is back with four exercises you can work into your fitness routine to strengthen your core and ultimately, improve your golf swing.
  1. Planks
  2. Dead Bugs
  3. Russian Twists
  4. Bird Dogs
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Thor Parrish

Naples, FL

Thor Parrish

My name is Coach Thor and I am a PGA Professional Specialized in Teaching and Coaching, TPI Fitness Certified, and a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer! I own several companies in the golf performance space including The Junior Golf Performance Academy, Thunder Performance, and The Golf Rope. My mission is to walk 18 holes when I am 100 years old and I help others do the same!