9 of the sweetest swings in golf

By T.J. Auclair
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9 of the sweetest swings in golf

Who has the sweetest swing in golf? It's a question that's impossible to answer and one that could lead to a lifelong debate.

For help on the matter, we reached out to our friends in Facebook Nation, where we received nearly 1,000 replies.

Here are nine -- in no particular order -- of the most popular answers accompanied by video of the player's swing, as well as reaction from our Facebook friends.

9. Fred Couples


Facebook reaction:

Fred Couples.... HANDS DOWN‼️ Could watch him all day. In fact, I think that's what I'll do. Go Freddie. Maybe 2nd would be the big easy. -- B Jay Conley

Fred Couples is so smooth he can rock a baby to sleep while he swings the golf club;) He and Sam Snead without a doubt have the smoothest swings. -- Davian Williamson

Fred Couples since Ive been watchim since I was 7 in 89. Watching him and Corey Pavin going at it in numerous playoffs was awesome. Still to this day, Freddy still got that fluid swing. -- Michael McKinnon

All theses guys and gals on the PGA and LPGA have great swings. The one that suits my eye the most is Fred Couples. -- TJ McDonald

8. Ernie Els


Facebook reaction:

Ernie Els, the Big Easy. Fred Couples is sweet, but 2nd to EE. -- Maurice Harding

I wish I could swing like Ernie Els. So fluid and beautiful. -- Bradley Smith

Did everyone forget "The Big Easy", Ernie Els? -- Brian Ausman

The Big Easy Ernie Els! -- Nathan Edmunds

7. Louis Oosthuizen


Facebook reaction:

It's hard to put any other swing above the smooth syrupy sweetness of Louis Oosthuizen. -- Scott Fields

I will take Louis Oosthuizen's swing. Or Couples, Adam Scott, Justin Thomas. -- Branson Lowe

Lodewicus Theodorus Oosthuizen. -- Jason Newsome

Louis Oosthuizen... hands down. -- Joe Adair

Louie O! -- Penny Sue Sweney

6. Rory McIlroy


Facebook reaction:

Rory swing is one to teach so on plane! Els and Scott right up there. -- Brad Farinosi

Rory has the sweetest of all of the youngsters. Freddie couples is one of the all time best. -- Michael Anderson

Rory Easily has the best swing at the moment. Tiger c.2000 if we're going all time on it. -- Bryan Carroll

Rory's may not be the best, but it sure is a work of art. -- Craig Wilkinson

5. Justin Rose


Facebook reaction:

If we're going for current players, I say Justin Rose. -- Alain Guillaumier

Wells Fargo Tourney I got to watch Justin Rose practice... AMAZING! -- Chad Casey

Justin Rose. It's hard to understand why he doesn't win every week. He's perfect. -- Tom Romano

4. Adam Scott


Facebook reaction:

Adam Scott all day long... If the lad could putt he'd have won ten majors by now. -- Stephan Bourke

Adam Scott's swing still looks, "technically perfect" to me. -- Matt Calhoun

Used to be Greg Norman but now it's adam Scott. Aussies know how to swing the club. -- Tony Schwartz

Adam Scott. Best swing ever... wish he could putt bettter. -- Mike Nelson

Adam Scott, I could watch his every day. I try to copy it. -- Larry Shackleford

3. Lydia Ko

Facebook reaction:

99% of you must not watch the ladies play at all. I watch both equally and Lydia Ko has the sweetest swing in golf. It seriously looks like it just floats. -- Chad Kane

On the ladies side... Lydia Ko and Nancy Lopez. -- Davian Williamson

2. Sam Snead


Facebook reaction:

I always thought Sam Snead had the most natural and fluid swing I ever saw. I would love to see how many wins he could have gotten with today's equipment. -- Donnie Walls

Sweet Swinging Sammy Snead! -- Joseph Ramirez

Unfortunately I am old I have to go with Sammy Snead. -- Roger Punswick

1. Ben Hogan


Facebook reaction:

Mr. Ben Hogan.

Greatest ball striker ever! 9 majors. However he Lost 20 chances to play in more during WWII in the 1940's!

Would be right there with Jack and Tiger if not for the war, had he "found it" a little earlier in his career (transforming a terrible hook into a power fade of true perfection) ,and the auto accident.

"I've seen Nicklaus watch Hogan practice," Tommy Bolt once said, "but I've never seen Hogan watch Nicklaus practice."

Hogan is the only golfer to have won the Masters, the United States Open and the British Open in the same year, 1953. Over all, he won 63 PGA Tour events, including nine majors: two Masters, a record-sharing four United States Opens, that one British Open in his only try, and two Professional Golfers Association titles. -- Fred Segal

Hogan was incredible. Probably one of the longest hitters pound for pound and STRAIGHT... Only missed 5 fairways in his only British Open (which he won). -- Mike Kohl

Mr. Ben Hogan. -- Steven Spears