Drills To Help You Drive Better

By Dan Polites, PGA
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Drills To Help You Drive Better

Hitting your driver well is a combination of physical skill, mental concentration and confidence. This is easier to obtain on the driving range, then move it to a non-competitive playing environment. If you struggle as you continue, here are some tips for working on your driver:

1) Start with mini-swings and proceed to full swings when you begin making solid contact.

2) Hit balls with your feet together.

3) Take full swings at 50-percent power.

4) Concentrate on this counting sequence during your swing: 1-2 going back on the backswing and 3 on the downswing.

5) Concentrate on extending your clubhead down the target line with a high follow through position.

6) Keep your grip pressure light and body tension free both at address and during the swing.

7) Hit balls with your driver only to the 100-yard flag or marker, then 125 yards, then 150, then 175, gradually moving to a normal distance for your driver.

8) Swing thought: Tell yourself, "Swing through the ball" NOT "at the ball."

Driver Drills Try this: Lighten your grip pressure to a 5 or a 6 on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the tightest. On your backswing, cock your hands so that the toe of the club face points directly to the sky at hip level during the backswing. Keep your transition smooth at the top of your swing and rotate your hands from the right hip on the downswing through the hitting area. Your right hand should turn over your left hand and allow the toe of the clubface to point directly to the sky after impact. As you release or rotate your hands through the hitting area, make sure you tuck your left elbow into your left side through the hitting area so you can square up the clubface at impact.

Another swing thought is to have your backswing at a slower speed than your forward swing -- with your maximum speed obviously being through the impact area. So many players waste their maximum speed on the backswing. Your overall tempo on the downswing should be between 70-80 percent of your full power -- this speed will increase your chances of better ball striking. Follow through drill Hit balls or take practice swings where you concentrate on completing your swing so that your body faces the target on the follow through. Your hands should finish high -- up and around behind your head. Also have your right foot up on the follow through so that you may tap it on the ground. This will ensure your completion of the follow through and weight transfer. I also have many of my students, especially juniors, hold their follow through for three seconds. The follow through is one of the most neglected areas of the golf swing. When you focus on swinging through the hitting area and completing the swing, your golf shots will improve dramatically.