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Christian G. Gehring

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Nekoosa, WI
Sand Valley Golf Resort, Nekoosa, WI

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As a PGA professional, my teaching philosophy centers on fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where every golfer, regardless of skill level, feels welcomed and empowered to excel. Grounded in core values of respect, empathy, and dedication, I aim to inspire and guide players of all levels to unlock their full potential and cultivate a lifelong love for the game.

I understand that each golfer is unique, with their own goals, needs, and learning styles. I tailor my teaching approach to meet each student where they are, creating a personalized learning experience that encourages growth and resilience. I prioritize clear communication, utilizing various teaching methods to ensure understanding and engagement.

I stay abreast of the latest advancements in golf instruction, integrating innovative techniques to enhance the learning experience and maximize student progress. My goal is not only to improve technical skills but also to nurture a positive mindset, emphasizing personal growth, confidence, and enjoyment over tournament results.

By building strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect, I celebrate the achievements of my students, recognizing that each step forward is a testament to their dedication and resilience.






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Christian in Action

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Sand Valley Golf Resort

Nekoosa WI

*Coaching available to public

1697 Leopold Way, Nekoosa, WI 54457-9200

Savannah GA

*Coaching available to public

1 Shorty Cooper Dr, Savannah, GA 31406-2840

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