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A Match Made in Pinehurst: How Golf Brought Gabby and Tanner Steiner Together

By Abby Parsons, PGA
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PGA Members Gabby and Tanner Steiner.

PGA Members Gabby and Tanner Steiner.

There are few things in life that are cuter than PGA Professionals finding love in Pinehurst, North Carolina. 
Gabby and Tanner Steiner just happen to be those PGA Professionals. 
Tanner is a graduate from the Professional Golf Management program at California University of Pennsylvania and Gabby played Division I college golf at James Madison University. The two of them found themselves in Pinehurst post-graduation.
The Steiners met in 2016 when Gabby was an intern at the Pinehurst Golf Academy and Tanner was an assistant at The Country Club of North Carolina (CCNC). They met through fellow golf professional friends.
“I give myself credit for getting her into the golf industry,” Tanner says. “She took some convincing, but look where we are now.” 
They both chuckle.
Gabby then went on to start her successful career as a dual PGA/LPGA Member at Pinehurst, where she eventually became Head Professional — the first woman to hold that role at one of the most historic golf properties in the country.
“I learned a lot there,” she remembers. “But I was ready to transition into the private club side of the golf industry.”
Now, Gabby works as the PGA/LPGA Lead Assistant Professional at Dormie Club . . . and not too far down the road, you will find Tanner, still at CCNC, but as PGA Head Professional since 2021.
“The hardest part of us both being PGA Professionals is definitely the work-life balance,” Tanner adds. “But we always make time for each other.”
After a long day at work you can find the two of them squeezing in nine holes to get some quality time together on the golf course. 
“I’m still learning to not be so competitive on the golf course,” Gabby says. “Playing golf with Tanner is a huge help. Casual golf is so nice after work.”
The two admit that with their busy schedules, their date nights are almost always in golf clothes.
“Golf has taught us a lot that helps us with our marriage,” says Tanner. “One of those being not to take things so seriously.”
(Photo by Chasing Fowl Photography)
(Photo by Chasing Fowl Photography)
Both Tanner and Gabby became PGA Members in 2020, and having the “, PGA” after their names is not something they take lightly.
“I wanted to be the best in the business and I knew that being a PGA Member is the No. 1 goal to work toward that,” says Gabby. “It helps you gain respect in the golf industry and I’m so glad I became a PGA Professional.”
“It truly feels like you are in a great network with people all over the country,” Tanner adds. “You’re in the network of growing the game. Seeing the next generation come up is so rewarding.”
Gabby and Tanner Steiner’s lives are surrounded by golf. And yet, there is nothing more that they’d rather do than tee it up. 
But, just as in life as husband and wife, they do it together. 

“Playing golf with my husband makes me less hard on myself. I try to bring that into life, as well. A bad shot is a bad shot, you move on. Hard moments pop up in life and you move on.”

Gabby Steiner, PGA