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Differentiate between golf friends and a golf coach

By Jack Dillon
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As you begin your journey into the game of golf, you will find many people who want to give you golf advice from A to Z. It can be confusing to decipher who to listen to and what to do. Many times these golfers are still looking for their game but are eager to provide you with advice.
For the purposes of this article, I'll assume your entry to the game isn't accompanied by a large golf posse
And that's okay! One of golf's greatest benefits is that you encounter many new friends in this sport as you begin practicing a rewarding game that takes mental patience to master. But be sure to draw a distinction; there are your golf friends and your golf coach.
The best way to practice this game is through a PGA or LPGA Coach
Most of the golf courses in your area should have at least one employed PGA or LPGA member, if not more. Work to find a coaching professional you can be comfortable working with. This golf coach will help you:
  • Build your swing
  • Take your game to the course
  • Provide you with good practice habits
  • Offer you the best advice on purchasing your initial golf equipment
Find an all-around coach you can trust
Most golfers you encounter along this journey will be very nice people. They will truly want you to learn to play well and enjoy the game they love. Many however, think they know enough to put you on the right track. Your golf friends may provide great fun and camaraderie, but be wary when they provide advice that could turn into poor swing habits for years to come.
Start off on the right course: Find a PGA or LPGA Coach in your area
Wherever your golf journey is heading, let’s get you there. There are nearly 29,000 PGA Professionals ready to help. Find yours at