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How to MAX Out the Fun for Your Junior Golfer

By Keith Stewart, PGA
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PGA Tour Golfer, Max Homa and Team Connecticut participate at Rickie's Putt during the Skills Challenge for the 2021 National Car Rental PGA Jr. League Championship at Grayhawk Golf Club on October 7, 2021 in Scottsdale, AZ. (Photo by Darren Carroll/PGA of America)

Max Homa is a 3-time winner on the PGA Tour. A young developing superstar, a graduate of Cal Berkley, a teammate of Collin Morikawa, and golf’s most entertaining social media superstar. During the National Car Rental PGA Jr. League finals played at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, the participants were treated to a surprise visit by the 2021 Genesis Invitational winner. 
Known for his jovial nature and quick-witted online replies, Homa was humbled by the moment. Max made a great impression on the players, coaches, and parents in attendance. What’s even more impressive than those 2 wins in this calendar year may have been his message to the kids.
Listen and do what you’re supposed to do.
  • A lasting moment took place as Homa was delivering this message. As it wasn’t just a quick “stand in front of the crowd” speech. Rather Homa spent most of the day with the kids. In that time, he stressed on several occasions what hard work is and why it’s required to succeed.
  • Homa happens to understand what he represents. He is a  normal guy who has capitalized on having a great work ethic and a fantastic thinking mind. He believes education on and off the course is what helped him achieve his dream of playing on the PGA Tour. Max made sure to promote the importance of listening to your coaches, teachers, and parents.
Buckle up and enjoy the ride.
  • In Homa’s opinion, part of playing the game is truly enjoying the journey. He said it, but then following the practice rounds Max stayed and played with the kids. He coached, laughed, and competed with them. Max and the PGA Coaches showed first hand, in order to get others to pay attention to your words, you must exemplify them.
  • The more time Max continued to spend with the PGA Jr. League finalists, the more he cemented his message. His persona shows the kids you can be a superstar and be approachable. Giving lessons to the boys and girls in attendance, he quickly showed them he was human. He proved without a shadow of doubt to each kid that if they work hard, they too could be on the PGA or LPGA Tour.
Nothing wrong with a little fun.
  • Homa was visibly impressed and inspired by the championship event. He wished there was a PGA Junior League when he was a kid! Several parents and coaches commented on how engaged Max was with each of the children. He did a remarkable job connecting with the junior golfers.
  • Sometimes the game can get complicated and Homa made sure to keep it simple. In doing so, he showed the children how to have fun. Golf is an individual sport on the PGA Tour. Take full advantage of these years while you play on a team. Having a partner and substitutes makes a huge difference. Embrace all your teammates and smile.
Kevin Weeks is a highly regarded PGA Junior League Coach and instructor. The boys and girls on his team were all captivated by Max Homa. They, along with their parents, believe this was the best golf event they ever attended. Five of the eight members of that team are returning next season. They have all committed to working hard toward a trip back to the finals.
There’s no doubt a return trip is a lofty goal, but if the finalists at this year’s National Car Rental PGA Jr. League Championship believe in Max’s message, there’s no doubt they can certainly attain it.

Keith Stewart is a 5-time award-winning PGA Professional with 25 years of experience in the golf industry. His network of players, coaches and insiders provide him with a unique perspective on the game. He's a writer on and host of the ProShow on ESPN 920 AM Friday afternoons at 3:00pm EDT. Check out his PGA Coaching articles archived here or his conversations on air with this link to his website The ProShow.

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