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PGA of America Selects 2nd Swing Golf as Official Equipment Trade-In Partner

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The PGA of America announced 2nd Swing Golf as its Official Equipment Trade-In Partner on Jan. 25 at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida.
As part of the collaboration, 2nd Swing will power the PGA of America Value Guide, the industry’s most comprehensive place to sell golf equipment, and offer a comprehensive platform that allows PGA of America Golf Professionals and consumers to maximize the value of their golf equipment.
2nd Swing also will provide opportunities for PGA of America Golf Professionals to earn financial contributions from equipment trade-ins via the PGA Golf Retirement Plus program or the 2nd Swing affiliate program. 2nd Swing’s advanced algorithm considers various factors such as brand, model, condition and demand to provide accurate valuations, ensuring fair transactions for both sellers and buyers.
PGA of America Section offices are also eligible to participate in a dedicated partnership program that offers benefits at the local level. Furthermore, PGA of America Golf Professionals and consumers alike may opt to have their equipment trade-in values go toward supporting PGA REACH, the 501(c)(3) charitable foundation of the PGA of America.
“We are thrilled to welcome 2nd Swing to the PGA of America partnership family,” said PGA of America Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Price. “With 2nd Swing’s support, we are able to provide more value and add another tool for our more than 30,000 PGA of America Golf Professional’s efforts to make this game more enjoyable and accessible to the millions of individuals who play.” 
coaching center landing page image for the Frisco Coaching Center
coaching center landing page image for the Frisco Coaching Center
At the Home of the PGA of America in Frisco, Texas, 2nd Swing will provide its award winning fitting and club services at the PGA of America Coaching Center powered by T-Mobile. 2nd Swing’s fitting process provides golfers a brand-agnostic, in-depth fitting experience similar to what professionals get each week on Tour. In addition, 2nd Swing will offer club services such as grip changes, lie/loft adjustments and more.
“We are excited to partner with 2nd Swing at the PGA of America Coaching Center at PGA Frisco,” said PGA Master Professional Tim Cusick, PGA of America Head Coach. “2nd Swing’s club fitting philosophy of identifying the equipment that performs best is perfect for golfers of all ages and stages in the golf journey.”
“We are proud to partner with the PGA of America and we thank them for their trust in our ability to operate the new PGA Value Guide,” said Simon Kallal, 2nd Swing CEO. “We feel fortunate and excited to work with one of the finest organizations in golf as we support their 30,000 Members and Associates.”
The PGA Value Guide offers a mobile-friendly website design and the fastest receiving payment times in the industry. “Through our partnership with the PGA of America, 2nd Swing will empower Golf Professionals by providing them additional revenue and income generation sources,” said 2nd Swing VP of Merchandising Ross Fuchs.