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Digital Golf Collective Co-Founder Jess McAlister Bringing Out Golf’s Cool Side

By Carly Grenfell
Published on

Jess McAlister came out of the womb ready to work—so much so that she dragged her feet getting a college degree. Although she grew up on a golf course and has always played the sport, she didn’t necessarily have her eyes on working in the industry.
With a plethora of agency experience under her belt through college and beyond, she first launched McAlister Co. where she advises brands, talent, and agency partners alike. Her latest endeavor, Digital Golf Collective, combines her passion for golf, entertainment, lifestyle and sports marketing all in one. Jess McAlister spotted a gap in the market and has hit the ground running to bring it to life ever since.
Having now worked with companies like Mastercard, United, AT&T, Amazon, Adidas, Lexus and countless others, Jess McAlister is helping change the digital landscape in golf through Digital Golf Collective. Along with talent management, DGC is also capitalizing on social media management, brand strategy, public relations and media distribution.
Her experiences, not to mention creative prowess, have helped social media influencers like Tisha Alyn, Coach Rusty, Nikki B. the ever popular PGA Memes and many other golf personalities not only grow their following, but add value to their personal brands. DGC goes beyond golf tradition to position themselves as the forefront of influence.