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Five Lessons You Can Learn From Ernie Els' Swing

By Brendon Elliott, PGA
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One name that's firmly in contention at the 2024 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship is the legendary Ernie Els.
Rightly named the 'Big Easy' due to his buttery swing, Els has left an indelible mark on the golf world throughout his Hall of Fame career. His journey is a testament to his skill and dedication, with an impressive record of 75 worldwide professional wins and four major championships.
Els' golf swing is a fascinating study, unique in its smoothness and grace. It has captivated players and fans alike, offering a wealth of lessons for aspiring golfers. Here's what we can learn:
Ernie's golf swing is a testament to the power of rhythm and grace over brute force. It's a valuable lesson for golfers, showing that by prioritizing fluidity and tempo, they can gain better control and consistency in their game.
Attention to set up fundamentals
Additionally, Els' swing demonstrates the importance of a balanced and stable setup. His posture and alignment are consistently solid, providing a strong foundation for his swing. This underscores the significance of proper setup and alignment in executing a successful shot. By emulating Els' attention to these fundamental aspects, golfers can enhance their own performance on the course.
The importance of "staying relaxed"
Els' golf swing exemplifies the value of a relaxed and tension-free approach. His smooth and unhurried swing is a testament to the benefits of staying loose and free of unnecessary tension. This serves as a reminder to golfers to avoid gripping the club too tightly or introducing unnecessary tension into their swing. By maintaining a relaxed and fluid motion, golfers can achieve greater consistency and rhythm in their swings.
A wide swing arc
Ernie's swing also includes a wide and consistent arc, which is important to his easy tempo and distance. His swing features a full and unrestricted motion, maximizing the potential for clubhead speed and distance. By maintaining a wide arc throughout the swing, Els generates significant power and achieves a fluid, connected motion. Golfers can benefit from this lesson by concentrating on developing a wide and consistent swing arc, ultimately leading to improved ball striking and distance.
Proper swing sequencing on the downswing, to the finish
Another notable aspect of Ernie Els' golf swing is his exceptional timing and release. He has a remarkable ability to synchronize his upper and lower body movements, resulting in a seamless transfer of energy through impact. This synchronization allows him to generate significant power without sacrificing accuracy. Golfers can learn from this by focusing on the coordination of their body movements and the timing of their release, ultimately leading to more powerful and controlled shots.
Brendon R. Elliott, PGA

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