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Hit Better Golf Recovery Shots Like Jordan Spieth With These 4 Tips

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Jordan Spieth is a master at getting out of tough lies. It's what makes him not only one of the fun players to watch but also one of golf's best.
At the Valspar Championship, Spieth found himself in a lie that a lot of golfers face after an errant shot: in the trees. However, just as he does with other difficult shots, Spieth found his way out of trouble by flipping a club and hitting a shot left-handed.
While it looks tough, hitting a shot opposite-handed isn't as tricky as you may think and just requires a couple basic keys. In the clip below, PGA Coach Jimmy Wisinski shares three tips to focus on when you find yourself next to a tree. It's good to take a few practice swings before trying this shot, as it's a little trickier than others.
Good luck!