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This Hole-in-One Story is Almost Too Crazy to Believe

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What are the odds of the getting a hole-in-one? Small. What about two hole-in-ones by two different golfers on the same course on the same day? Smaller. How about two hole-in-ones, two different golfers on the same course with the SAME ball? Never. But that's exactly what happened at Minneapolis Golf Club on June 3rd.
13 year-old Preston Miller was playing with his high school team's coaches when he holed it on the 121-yard 4th hole with his 7-iron. Celebrations ensued and Preston was obviously elated.
He continued using the hole-in-one ball until he ended up losing it several holes later on the 7th. After the round, Preston was hanging in the clubhouse for a celebratory pop when another golfer, club member Ricardo Fernandez, entered the room and proceeded to talk about the hole-in-one he had made on the 181-yard 16th.
Preston congratulated him and shared that he also had made an ace earlier, but had lost his golf team logo'd hole-in-one ball. Then it clicked for Ricardo.
He had found Preston’s ball on the 7th hole and, when stepping up to play the 16th, randomly grabbed Preston’s ball out of his bag - unaware of what had happened earlier. As we know, Ricardo aced that hole.
Meaning that they had both made hole-in-ones on the same day, on the same course, with the same ball. Wild. Impossible. Crazy stuff.
One question - who gets to keep the ball?
Read the full story from Twin Cities Golf:
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