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With KitchenAid Senior PGA Underway, Frisco, Texas is Ready for the Major Spotlight

By Ryan Adams, PGA
Published on

Frisco, Texas. It’s many things to many people.
The world headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys. Home to FC Dallas, and the National Soccer Hall of Fame. In total, eight professional and collegiate sports organizations, and five world-class sports facilities are within city limits.
And now, Frisco is getting a major championship-style debut this week with the 2023 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship in town. Fields Ranch at PGA Frisco, which opened earlier this month, is hosting the most historic championship in senior golf, getting underway on May 25 and going through Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.
It’s a long-awaited moment for Frisco, which has been tacking on to its sterling resume as a city built for hosting both sports teams and world-class businesses. The KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship is just the latest accomplishment, and kicks off an unprecedented run of 256 PGA spectator and member championships over 11 years.
“Frisco is driven by a culture of unrivaled performance, and what better way to showcase the value we place on talent, grit, achievement and the joy of competition than through our partnership with the PGA of America and events like the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship,” says Jason Ford, President at Frisco Economic Development Corporation (EDC).
Ford’s sentiments are echoed by several impressive stats that Frisco has racked up as a energized and growing north Dallas suburb:
  • Home to 9 professional and collegiate sports organizations, including the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Northern Texas PGA Section
  • Five world-class sports facilities
  • Multiple championship-level training facilities 
  • $1.5 billion of investments in public-private partnerships
  • No. 1 city in Texas to do business
  • No state or personal income tax and a pro-business regulatory environment
  • 24 Fortune 500 companies (includes entire DFW Metroplex)
  • 150+ publicly traded companies
  • More than 282 startups and tech firms
Frisco is also a Top 10 city to move to for diversity, the No. 1 city in Texas to do business, and has two times the national average of tech talent, according to the Frisco EDC. The city is also committing over $50 million dollars to its downtown redevelopment, giving the city a reenergized nucleus for residents and businesses to utilize.
It’s an exciting time for Sports City USA — with PGA Frisco now added to the mix and it’s first major on display this week, the limit to the city’s potential seems untapped.
“We have this amazing opportunity, and also this daunting responsibility, to make PGA Frisco into everything it can possibly be,” says Waugh. “I just really have this sense that we’ve built something that’s really special, and now we have to use it properly. We’ve done the easy part; the hard part is executing our dream.”
And in Frisco, dreams become reality pretty quickly.