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December 7, 2016 - 9:18am
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T.J. Auclair
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Bryson DeChambeau
@PGATOUR on Twitter
Bryson DeChambeau might just be the most interesting player in golf today. This week at the Shark Shootout, he might be breaking out a side-saddle putting stroke.

If there's anything we've learned about Bryson DeChambeau over the last few years it's this: He is is own man -- one interesting dude.

He wears the Ben Hogan-style cap. He plays a single-length set of irons. And, now, he's doing this on the greens:





That, folks, is the side-saddle putting stroke that DeChambeau is expected to put in play when he teams up with Lexi Thompson this week in the Shark Shootout.

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"It feels foreign to me. I'm totally conventional -- no cross-handed grip or anything like that," PGA Professional Rob Labritz said. "Anything out of the norm is weird to me. That said, I'm intrigued with Bryson DeChambeau. I spent a lot of time looking at the video of what he's doing right now and noticed a few things. His head, shoulders and lower legs were almost fixed. He was as solid as could be swinging that putter in a direction we're not used to looking at. If you can get it in the hole and it's fundamentally sound, then go for it."

And if things aren't working out right-handed for DeChambeau, it also looks as though he could flip to the other side of the ball without issue. Check out his sweet left-handed swing:


That's just not fair.

Sam Snead -- the PGA Tour's leader in career wins with 82 -- also used the side-saddle putting style later in his career.



December 6, 2016 - 12:26pm
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T.J. Auclair
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John Daly
@PGA_JohnDaly on Twitter
While waiting to play his tee shot during a pro-am tournament for the Folds of Honor this week, John Daly sang his song, "Hit it Hard" with one of his playing partners strumming a guitar.

John Daly played in the Ken Duke Celebrity Pro-Am, which benefited Folds of Honor and Volunteers in Medicine, via The Ken Duke and Friends Charity Mission earlier this week.

Since you never know what's going to happen during a round with Daly, this was pretty cool...

One of the players in the group had a guitar in his cart (totally normal). On one tee box, the player starts strumming the chords to Daly's "Hit it Hard" when Daly pipes in to sing.

Check it out:



Daly also took the stage the night before at a fundraiser for the Folds of Honor:



"Hit it Hard" took to the airwaves in 2014 and recently got more traction when ESPN used it heavily in its "30 for 30" mini-documentary on Daly.

Prior to "Hit it Hard," Daly's tune of choice to cover whenever he had the chance was "Knockin' on Heaven's Door":




December 6, 2016 - 9:52am
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T.J. Auclair
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golf, tree
Golfers are a stubborn people. They'll do just about anything to save strokes on the course even if it risks bodily harm.

Whether you're the No. 1 player in the world or the world's biggest hacker, there's one thing we all have in common: We hate dropping unnecessary shots.

Rather than take our medicine in a lot of cases that call for it, we'll instead try to hit that "hero" shot. A ball half-submerged in water? No problem -- did you see what Bill Haas did at the Tour Championship with 10 million bucks on the line? Stuck in the pine straw with obstructions everywhere? Ummm... remember what Phil Mickelson did at the Masters on No. 13? Trees are in your way? No problem. I can find that small window that the pros always seem to find.

After all, trees are 90 percent air.

Unfortunately for one young man, he found himself faced with one of those "thread the needle" and "put it through the uprights" type shots. Surprise, surprise, it didn't go quite like it does for the golfers playing on our TVs every weekend.

Here's what happened:

You think this guy will think twice next time he's in a spot like that? I think it's safe to say he'll be punching out. 

December 5, 2016 - 12:17pm
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T.J. Auclair
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Patrick Reed
USA Today Sports Images
Ryder Cups produce loads of great moments. Here are 15 of our favorites from the Ryder Cup USA victory at Hazeltine in 2016.

It's a bummer that the Ryder Cup is played only once every two years.

Thanks to all the highlights the matches produce, however, I think it's fair to say there's enough to look back on to hold us over for 24 months. Don't you think?

With the year winding down, we figured it was a great chance to look back at the incredible week that was at the end of September-beginning of October in Chaska, Minn., at Hazeltine National, which saw Ryder Cup USA win for the first time since 2008.

The matches had countless great moments, but here are 15 of our absolute favorites.

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15. The American heckler who drained a putt in Thursday's practice round and taking $100 off Justin Rose in the process. We'd never condone heckling on the course (unless you're with buddies -- then it's encouraged), but this was all in good fun. We're not saying the putt the spectator made here set the tone for the USA at Hazeltine, but we're not saying it didn't either.



14. The atmosphere on the first tee. What a spectacle. Thousands of fans filling the stands, lining the ropes and singing, cheering and chanting all week long. It was fantastic.







13. The Arnold Palmer remembrance wall attached to the merchandise tent and his bag from 1975 on the first tee. Sadly, Ryder Cup week began just as we learned that the King passed away on Sept. 25 at the age of 87. Both teams, as well as fans, made sure the King's spirit was remembered throughout Ryder Cup week. All of it was such a nice touch -- especially the aforementioned wall where those on site could leave a personal message to Palmer... The wall also traveled to New York for the PGA of America's Annual Meeting in mid-November.







Now, onto particular shots and reactions we loved.

12. Brandt Snedeker fired up. You don't see Sneds like this every week.





11. The USA's Friday morning, opening session sweep -- something that hadn't been done in a Ryder Cup since 1975... when Arnold Palmer was the captain (which made this extra special).



10. When Spieth and Reed removed their hats and placed their right hand over their heart as fans serenaded them with the National Anthem right in the middle of a match. How cool was that?



9. Bubba Watson's post-win interview. It wouldn't be far-fetched to call the omission of Watson on the USA team a "snub." He was the No. 7-ranked player in the world and did not receive any of Captain Davis Love III's four captain's picks. Instead of moping about it, Watson asked to be a vice captain so he could help the team in any capacity that was needed. He lived up to those words. And he gave a touching interview after the victory for a guy who probably should have deserved to be playing that week instead of driving a golf cart around.



8. Matt Kuchar's long birdie putt at the par-3 13th hole in Saturday afternoon's Fourballs session. The putt. The reaction. Awesome.



7. Spieth's, "that's really good, guys" call of an approach shot he hit first thing Saturday morning in the foursomes session. I guess he knew.



6. Spieth's reaction to pretty much everything his partner, Reed, was doing throughout the week... including this one on No. 7 Saturday.



5. Reed's hole-out on No. 6 Saturday and the ensuing celebration. Should Reed not qualify for a team on points in the next 10 years, I'm pretty sure he locked up his captain's pick based on his 2014 and 2016 performances. Just off the charts good.



Let's keep the Reed trend rolling...

4. Reed and Rory McIlroy's epic Sunday singles match. Most notably, the two trading birdies and antics at No. 8.



3. Reed's 1-up win over McIlroy in that singles match to secure the first point for the USA in the Sunday singles. Reed wanted Europe's best player. He got him. And he beat him.



2. The Mickelson/Sergio Garcia halved singles match. In all, it saw a mind-blowing 19 birdies made between the pair in 18 holes, including this one from Mickelson on No. 18 (his 10th of the day) to secure the halve.



1. The USA celebration. Pretty sweet that the decisive point for the USA was secured by Ryan Moore, an 11th hour captain's pick. And, when you haven't won since 2008, the celebration is going to be special.











December 5, 2016 - 9:35am
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Matt Craig
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michael phelps
USA Today Sports Images
These celebrities may be the brightest stars in their profession, but that doesn't always lead to success on the golf course.

If there's one thing that people in the United States and across the world love, it's celebrity. We seem to always want to know what famous people are up to.

But if there's one thing that celebrities have proven to love themselves, it's golf. Every year the biggest stars of sport and screen are seen teeing it up around the globe, to varying degrees of success.

Here's a list of the best moments from celebrities on the golf course in 2016:

7. Steph Curry, Justin Timberlake, and Alfonso Ribeiro show off their dance moves at the American Century Championship. San Francisco's well-attended celebrity golf tournament in July also included Aaron Rodgers, Jim Harbaugh, Charles Barkley, Brian Urlacher and more, but Timberlake and Curry definitely were the headliners for the raucus crowd. Curry recreated his famous mouthpiece-throw from the NBA Finals before he was joined by Timberlake and Ribeiro to do the signature "Carlton dance" from Ribeiro's character on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


6. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Willie Robertson, Kevin Nealon and more compete to smash panes of glass. If you're not a celebrity, one of the main goals in a round of golf is avoiding breaking anything. Alas, the benefits of fame. A long list of celebrities including actors, comedians, and more than a few professional athletes competed to see who could break a pane of glass in the fewest number of shots. 


5. The Chicago Cubs playing Pebble Beach in August before their World Series run. I'm not going to give the Cubs playing golf together full credit for their postseason success, but it does seem to be an interesting coincidence doesn't it? Either way, there aren't too many chemistry-building exercises more fun than playing Pebble Beach together. Oh, and nice hat Rizzo!


4. Michael Phelps, Bill Murray, Rob Riggle, Kurt Russell and more play at Ryder Cup celebrity match. Phelps became a golfing legend in 2012 with this 159 foot putt at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, but four years and five Olympic gold medals later Phelps was back in the golfing spotlight during Ryder Cup week. Phelps, Murray, Riggle, and Russell led the United States celebrity team to a victory over a European celebrity team that included Niall Horan and Martina Navratilova.


3. Yao Ming displaying the longest golf swing in the world. Yao showed off his golf swing at the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am in Shenzhen, China, alongside LPGA star Natalie Gulbis. Standing at 7 foot 6 inches tall with a pitching wedge that's one inch longer than the average driver, Yao packs quite a punch on the course.


Yao Ming swing! He needed breakfast ball can we all relate to that! #missionhills #china

A video posted by Natalie Gulbis (@nataliegulbis) on


What Yao lacks in golf skill, he more than makes up for in picture-posing. He took some time at the event to make golfing legends Gary Player and John Daly look miniature.


2. Harold Varner III beating Steph Curry at his own game. If I just asked you out of the blue which scenario was more likely, Curry beating Varner III at golf or Varner III beating Curry at basketball, very few people would pick the second option. But during October's Safeway Open Pro-Am in Napa, California, Varner III did just that. From DEEP!


1. Alex Ovechkin and Eugeny Kuznetsov's long putt and ridiculous celebration. The NHL superstars were out and playing in October when Ovechkin showed the world exactly why he's a hockey player and not a professional golfer. This swing off the tee is...less than ideal


While he struggled, his teammate Kuznetsov showed off a deep bomb on the extra-slow greens.


Well until next year, we'll keep loving celebrities, and they'll keep loving golf.


December 4, 2016 - 4:34pm
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Matt Craig
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John rahm, vine golf
Vine / PGA Pappas
From the spectacular to the absurd, Vine has been there to document the highlights and lowlights of golfers everywhere.

On the surface, golf and Vine may seem like polar opposites.

Golf is a game to be enjoyed over the course of several hours, drawing on hundreds of years of tradition. Vine is to be consumed six seconds at a time, not requiring any preexisting knowledge or experience.

But in this case, opposites attract. For years the video platform has documented the most hilarious and impressive moments in golf, on and off the course. Since Vine is going away, we thought it was appropriate to round up the 11 greatest Vines of all time. Enjoy.

11. What makes a great golf vine? First and foremost it has to be entertaining. Bonus points for being authentic and embarrassing, like we see here.


10. Other times you start out trying to make one kind of Vine, and it turns out far different than you planned. Also, I've noticed that laughing in the Vine always makes it more funny.


9. If "funny" isn't down your alley, don't worry. Vine is the home of the greatest trick shot artists in the world. Or any kid in the back yard with some skill and a lot of spare time.


8. Sometimes you just need to be observant. When you're watching golf on television, and you see something as ridiculous as a marshall trying to quiet down a train by raising his arms, you've struck Vine gold.


7. You've really got something if you can put into a Vine an emotion that all golfers, from PGA Tour pros to weekend warriors, can relate to. I would laugh if I wasn't relating so closely with what he was feeling.


6. In order to make a popular Vine, you can't just make a simple three foot putt. You should probably aim, say, forty feet left?


5. Physics? Those don't apply when you're in the Vine-making business.


4. Who says a golf Vine has to take place on a golf course? Or even outside for that matter? But fair warning: you may end up breaking things.


3. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that professional golfers are just like us. There has never been, in the history of golf, a more perfect marriage than this shot and protracer technology.


2. Always remember to leave the high-performance stunt to top level athletes like Adam Sandler.


1. And most of all, always, ALWAYS, protect yourself.